SINCE 1962


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Close enough to reach easily, far enough to leave everything behind for a moment. Apollonia is located where the world is still in perfect harmony.

Our inn is nestled in the natural beauty of Sirmiano, above Nalles. Whether you arrive by car, on foot, or by bike, you’ll find us at 930 meters above sea level, along a route that winds through apple orchards and vineyards, with stunning views of the valley and mountains.

How to get here

They say the journey is the reward. For us, the journey is even more: a change of scenery through tranquil nature, a perfect outing for the whole family with plenty to see and do. Along the way to Apollonia, you’ll pass castles, fortresses, and, if you’re lucky, you might spot a deer, an owl, or other wildlife.

Feel free to contact us; we'll be delighted to find the perfect spot for you.