SINCE 1962


Summer Holidays

from July 8th to July 22, 2024, we are taking a little break. We're swapping ladles and aprons for flip-flops and air mattresses. From July 23, we will be back for you!



vom 28. Juni bis 28. Juli 2024
Vegetarisch genießen im Südtiroler Gasthaus.
So unverwechselbar leicht und frisch schmeckt der Sommer - weil wir wissen, wo was herkommt.

Good cuisine can be very simple. Authentic, connected to nature, and above all: delicious. This is the philosophy of the Geiser host family.

Creating good food requires time, patience, and genuine effort

Here in the mountains, down-to-earth and informal hospitality is the best way to celebrate cuisine. We serve only the finest on our plates, using local and fresh ingredients from our homeland as often as possible. We take carefully selected products straight from the field and farm, combine them with traditional recipes, and add a contemporary touch. It's as simple as that.

Handcrafted meals, regional ingredients, and a great team. Up here, nature sets the pace. Simply enjoy the unobstructed view of meadows, woods, and the Dolomite mountains.

Up here, the world still seems in perfect harmony. Here, guests, hosts, staff, and producers come together to eat at the same table, whether dressed elegantly or still in their work clothes from the fields. With us, everyone who has a passion for authentic South Tyrolean cuisine is welcome, no exceptions.

Proud Member of the
Südtiroler Gasthaus Group

We embrace and cherish the culture of South Tyrolean hospitality, valuing traditions and honouring them in our daily work. We use seasonal and local ingredients, follow time-honoured recipes, add a touch of creativity, and serve everything with warmth and courtesy. We are proud to be part of the Südtiroler Gasthaus Group.

Enjoying the View while Dining

Situated at 930 meters in a picturesque and serene natural setting, Apollonia offers a stunning experience. Here, above Nalles, your gaze sweeps from the plate to the meadows and forests, reaching all the way to the Dolomites.