SINCE 1962


Summer Holidays

from July 8th to July 22, 2024, we are taking a little break. We're swapping ladles and aprons for flip-flops and air mattresses. From July 23, we will be back for you!



vom 28. Juni bis 28. Juli 2024
Vegetarisch genießen im Südtiroler Gasthaus.
So unverwechselbar leicht und frisch schmeckt der Sommer - weil wir wissen, wo was herkommt.

Apollonia is a family-run inn that has been cherished for three generations, nestled in a serene paradise where the little things in life are still appreciated.

Cherishing Tradition Since 1962

Apollonia started from one of the oldest farms in Sirmiano di Sopra, the Messnerhof, first mentioned in a 14th-century document. It boasted a large terrace, two bowling alleys, two cozy stube parlours, and two guest rooms. In the early days, guests could only reach Apollonia on foot, as there was just a narrow, rocky path leading to Sirmiano.

To Us! We are passionate about authentic South Tyrolean hospitality. With us, you can truly be yourself and escape the world around you.

Celebrate at Apollonia

Laughing, chatting, and savouring delicious food together: our inn is designed for just that. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, wedding, or any special occasion, Apollonia is the perfect place to gather and celebrate. Everything here is thoughtfully arranged to make your special moments unforgettable. In no time, you'll go from being guests to becoming friends.

Sharing ideas is important to gain new perspectives. We sit at the same table with our producers, whether we're dressed for an evening out or just back from the fields.

Our deep connection to nature runs through everything we do. Because we cherish and love our land, we emphasize regionality, quality, and freshness. We don’t just say this; we truly know our farmers and producers personally and understand exactly where our products come from.

Many of the ingredients we use in our kitchen come from nearby fields and our farmer friends: vegetables and fruits, eggs and dairy, meat and grains... We love that our guests can not only see the difference but also, and most importantly, taste it.

Where the Inn Meets Art.
A Collaboration with Othmar Prenner.

We believe that the culture of South Tyrolean hospitality extends beyond just food and drink. That's why we collaborate with Othmar Prenner, an artist and sculptor who seamlessly blends tradition, design, and functionality. Together, we've created unique pieces: pine wood bread holders, cutting boards, cutlery holders, serving trays, and our "Kraut und Rübn" recipe collection—a delightful fusion of artistic and culinary excellence.