SINCE 1962


Summer Holidays

from July 8th to July 22, 2024, we are taking a little break. We're swapping ladles and aprons for flip-flops and air mattresses. From July 23, we will be back for you!



vom 28. Juni bis 28. Juli 2024
Vegetarisch genießen im Südtiroler Gasthaus.
So unverwechselbar leicht und frisch schmeckt der Sommer - weil wir wissen, wo was herkommt.

As you arrive, you'll be captivated by the vastness of an untouched natural landscape that stretches as far as the eye can see.

Surrounded by nature, embraced by relaxation. Dining at Apollonia is about taking a gratifying break. Enjoy a casual moment in nature, with hospitality that comes straight from the heart.

Because we value this place and want to preserve it for future generations, we work as sustainably as possible, using only the best that nature provides.

What makes our hearts beat faster? Happy chickens clucking in the sun, vegetables with the fresh scent of earth, and wild herbs freshly gathered from the edges of woods and meadows.

Our passion for working with natural products is good for us and the nature that surrounds us.

Taking and giving – this is our relationship with nature.

Nature does nothing without purpose. She follows a constant cycle, and we honour that rhythm. That’s why you won’t find strawberries in winter or asparagus in summer here. Instead, we offer fresh, seasonal products from our local area whenever possible, ensuring zero food miles.

Hiking. Biking. Embracing life. Apollonia is the perfect destination for all types of adventurers, including those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Leave the chaos and noise behind. Simply lace up your hiking boots and take a delightful, leisurely walk through valleys and mountains to reach our inn. Apollonia is an hour’s walk from San Giacomo, with minimal elevation change. Just a short distance from us, you can also visit the charming Saint Apollonia chapel.

After any hike, short or long, everyone deserves a refreshing break at Apollonia. Here you can recharge your energy while savouring the peaceful surroundings and enjoying the expansive views immersed in nature. In addition to hiking, our mountains offer fantastic bike tours that take you up and down the scenic mountain trails.

Getting Here

The Apollonia Restaurant sits at 930 meters above sea level, in a tranquil, verdant corner of nature. Here, above Nalles, you can let your eyes wander over the endless meadows, forests, and the stunning peaks of Catinaccio and Sciliar.